Make it better,
your DApps development.

getho is the platform that makes DApp development more comfortable.
All information about your node is in one place, transactions, pre-funding accounts, uploaded contracts and so on. You can access your node via your own HTTP endpoint.
Smart contract debugger
Smart contract debugger
getho gives you web debugger tools for your smart contract. After deploying your smart contract, run it and get the result.
You can get nodes, contracts and accounts, also can upload your smart contract to your own node from CLI. CLI makes your DApp development be comfortable.
Suitable for teams
getho is not only for personal developers, but also for teams. Share your own endpoint so your team members can access private nodes and run tests.
Basically, getho is free for everyone. If you'd like to use getho more powerful, let's upgrade it so you'll get everything. Please contact us.